Personalizing ORCA Chasers

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The ORCA Chaser is a life changer for all those that are constantly carrying around a beverage.  Whether you drink hot or cold beverages, the ORCA is exactly what you need!  So are you wondering who uses an ORCA?  The answer is simple….EVERYONE! They are perfect for the avid coffee drinker, commuters, hunters, hikers, students, nurses, teachers and anyone else who  likes their coffee hot and their cold beverages super cold. To make the ORCA Chaser even more special, you can personalize it by engraving ones’ name or add a custom design.

 Materials Needed:

– ORCA Stainless Steel Chaser


– Rotary Attachment

– Universal Laser System

Follow these three simple steps to achieve a creative, one of a kind look to your personal drink cooler:

Step 1: Apply an even coat of CerMark over the desired engraving area of the ORCA Chaser.  Open the artwork file, adjust to correct settings, and send to laser.

Step 2: Place the ORCA Chaser in the rotary.  Set the focus. Press Play. Watch as the laser begins and permanently marks the Chaser.

Step 3: Once the laser has completed the job rinse off the CerMark to reveal your personalized design.


– Be sure to clean surface of dirt & oil

– Apply Cermark spray evenly

– Let spray dry completely [2-5 mins]

– If you over power or under power coating will not bond correctly

– Mark is durable for cleaning with soap, cleaners, and solvents

– Coating will not bond with products that have clear coatings