Rotary Fixture Samples

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The Universal Rotary Fixture accessory offers new markets for Universal Laser Systems owners by giving the user the ability to mark, engrave or cut round or cylindrical objects. Items such as wine bottles, champagne glasses, pool balls, and cardboard tubes can be locked into the rotary for accurate marking, engraving and cutting. An unlike the roller-type rotary attachment, the ULS Rotary attachment clamps the object firmly in place giving you the repeat ability to re-engrave objects with precision.

The Engravers Network has designed a variety of fixtures for the Universal Laser Rotary attachment. These black anodized aluminum fixtures give you the flexibility to engrave a variety of small objects such as marbles, rings, duck calls, and bearings. These fixtures can be purchased in our shopping cart. Just click on EStore to get to the entire selection, or click on the images below to take you to the specific item. Learn how to use the rotary here!