Bringing It Home with CorelDRAW: A guide to In-House Graphic Design

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Roger Wambolt has worked in various functions for CorelDRAW for many years. And he knows how to run a laser using CorelDRAW. His BRING IT HOME WITH CorelDRAW book is a wealth of information for both the beginner and experienced user. I have found plenty of new ideas from his book while working on my various laser projects.

Here is the lead in for his book that best describes it’s content: “Many of today’s small businesses are saving time and money by handling graphic design services in-house using CorelDRAW. BRING IT HOME WITH CORELDRAW: A GUIDE TO IN-HOUSE GRAPHIC DESIGN will show you how to get the best results from this powerful software and take full control of the design process. This unique guide provides examples and topic-specific tutorials to help you or your employees accomplish in-house design tasks creatively and economically–so you can focus on building your business. With the tips and techniques included here, you can quickly and easily help your company stand out from the competition by using CorelDRAW to create eye-catching, professional-quality marketing pieces, including logos, business cards, letterhead, flyers, posters, and more. Let BRING IT HOME WITH CORELDRAW show you how.”

There is a video on Corel’s Discovery Center from Roger’s book. It’s shows in detail How to Customize the CorelDRAW Workspace

I strongly recommend that you add this book to your CorelDraw library. You can order it at the CorelDRAW website!