Engravers Network Universal Laser Technology Seminar 2015

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davidstephensDavid Stevens

Senior Global Technology Specialist at Universal Laser Systems

David Stevens holds two Bachelor’s degrees in Graphics Design, and Computers and Electronics, and has worked at Universal Laser Systems (ULS) for the past 13 years.  David joined ULS as a service technician and quickly moved up the ranks to manage the Advanced Material Processing Center (AMPC) laboratory where he spent more than 20,000 hours testing and learning all known materials and its reaction with laser processing technology, becoming an industry leader in laser technology.  David has used his AMPC research and development experience to create new features and software for ULS such as 1-Touch Laser Photo and Laser Interface+.  David now puts his experience and knowledge to task as the Sr. Technology Specialist in the Marketing department, and is the primary evangelist for ULS for all public events and tradeshows for the company.

Engravers Network Universal Laser Technology Seminar

Date: Friday, November 13th  or Saturday, November 14th

Location: 637 107th St, Arlington, TX 76011

Cost:  $50 per person includes lunch

Time: 9am to 4pm


Seminar Topics:

  • When to use different optics with your laser systems
  • Understanding your Laser System
  • Choosing the correct materials
  • In-Depth into Leathers
  • In-Depth into Stainless Steels
  • In-Depth into Woods
  • In-Depth into Acrylics
  • Creative ways to grow your business
  • No cost materials
  • In-Depth into Fabrics
  • In-Depth into Composite Woods
  • Creating fixtures/jigs with your laser
  • Cutting thick acrylics (tick marks, reducing kerf, clean cut edge)

Hurry and register by phone, call 866-727-7256 or register online here! Seats for Saturday are going fast!