2018 Universal Laser Service Bulletin

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2018 Universal Laser Service Bulletin

If you have been in the laser engraving business for a few years, you have probably discovered just how important the operation of your laser truly is. With a laser you can produce tens of thousands of profitable work each year. You probably have also discovered that your laser can go down at any time. Given the importance of lasers today, even in the smallest of shops, the best protection against a costly laser outage is to understand your laser, plan for it, and properly maintain the functioning of your laser. While there are a number of variables that affect the service life of a laser engraver, below are some service and cleaning tips to follow to help keep your laser running smoothly.

Universal Laser Maintenance – How-To Video

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– Check Optic and Mirrors- Clean if needed.

– Clean X & Y Axis Bearings and Belts- Soapy water only
– General Dusting with damp cloth

– Vacuum under table
– Empty Downdraft Cutting Table
– Clean Cloth filters on back of system

– Clean and lubricate Z-axis turn screws

– Check wear on belts and bearings on X-Axis
– Clean exhaust plenum and inspect exhaust hose and ductwork

– Check wear on belts and bearings on Y-Axis
– Check wattage on Laser cartridge before warranty ends

– Check Laser output- recharge if needed

Five Operational Rules
1. Never leave system running unsupervised (must be in room)
2. Always run exhaust or filter when engraving and cutting
3. Check focus when changing material
4. Check Optics and mirrors when you start running system
5. Never run air assist without cone

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