Application Tip of the Week: 3D Images in CorelDRAW

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Application Tip of the Week: 3D Images in CorelDRAW


This application tip will explain how to convert basic design shapes and vector logos into 3D images using CorelDRAW for laser engraving. 3D Image Corel Blog


CorelDRAW versions 12, X3, X4, X5, X6, and X7 will work with the process; however, lasers of varying watts will work though the process will be slow.

More advanced images such as photos and faces, cannot use this method.  Images from high cost advanced 3D scanners, 3D cameras systems or special 3D generation software are necessary for this kind of image.

If highly detailed images are necessary and cannot be generated using this tip sheet, there are companies with the software and hardware to create or convert your image to a 3D ready laser image for a fee.  These companies provide 3D clipart, and can do custom work.  If you are interested in this go to:

Download the tutorial here!

-David Stevens, Senior Global Technology Specialist at Universal Laser Systems

David Stevens holds two Bachelor’s degrees in Graphics Design, and Computers and Electronics, and has worked at Universal Laser Systems (ULS) for the past 13 years.  David puts his experience and knowledge to task as the Sr. Technology Specialist in the Marketing department, and is the primary evangelist for ULS for all public events and tradeshows for the company.







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