Application Tip of the Week: Creating Multi-Tile Murals

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Application Tip of the Week: Creating Multi-Tile Murals

Not very long ago, commissioning a personalized, multi-tile wall mural was a costly undertaking reserved for the relatively wealthy. Today, however, thanks to CO2 laser technology, one-of-a-kind engraved murals are available at prices nearly anyone can afford.

Creating multi-tile murals on your Universal laser system is fast, easy and fun. In this easy-to-understand, step-by-step tutorial we will show you how to quickly and easily create beautiful, multi-tile murals using CorelDRAW and your Universal laser engraving system. We think you will find the process to be both rewarding and profitable.

engraved ceramic tile with marking compound


1.1: Before you start creating a mural, there are some important choices you must make:

  • Choose a suitable photograph or artwork to engrave;
  • Choose the type of material to engrave, such as marble, granite, acrylic, wood or laser tile;
  • Choose the engraving tile size and finished mural size.

1.2: Some important questions to ask yourself:

Is the image a good candidate for engraving? Getting high-quality images and artwork from customers has always been a challenge for engravers. The image your customer provides must be capable of 250 dpi resolution at the actual size in which you plan to engrave it.

At what distance will the observer typically be located when viewing the tiled mural?

If the viewer will be standing just a few feet away, a smaller engraving tile size should suffice; if the viewer will be standing farther away, a larger size tile may be more appropriate.

Will the mural be located indoors or will it be exposed to the elements?

If the mural is to be located indoors, you can safely engrave on materials such as soft acrylic (invert the image and engrave on the back side of the acrylic to provide scratch protection), wood and even mat board. However, if the mural is to be located outdoors, you may want to consider using granite, marble, travertine or other lasting materials to provide long-term protection from the elements.

Okay… you’ve made your choices… now it’s time to create the mural!



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