Corel Draw TIP OF THE WEEK: Trimming Text in CorelDRAW

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Corel Draw TIP OF THE WEEK: Trimming Text in CorelDRAW

The Trim Command, or “cookie cutter” is one of the most versatile commands in CorelDRAW. In these lessons are examples of the Trim command used on various styles of Text. CorelDRAW can trim text with a single line, or virtually any shape.

Create a string of text, and draw a straight horizontal line through the word using the Freehand Tool.


With the Pick Tool, select the line. Using the TrimTool (Shaping Docker), trim the lettering.

Note: I used an extra wide line to make it more visible for the lettering. However, the line width does not affect the results. Try this with a line width of .333. The results are the same.


Select Break Apart from the Arrange menu. Don’t worry about about losing the centers of the letters. We’ll fix that later on. With the Pick Tool Select on the top of the ‘B’. The blue handles I’ve use in the example indicate that it is a separate object. Click on the top and bottom half of the letters and you will see the separate objects.


Marquee-select all of the bottom half-letters as shown in the example (dotted red line). Choose Combines from the arrange menu. Here are the results after combining the bottom of the letters. I also changed the bottom to blue to better see the results.  Here are the results after marquee-selecting the top halves, combining, and changing the fill color to orange.


Here are some options you can do. In this example, just move the two objects apart with the arrow keys or the Pick Tool.


In this example, click twice to get to the rotation handles and center marker.


Move the center marker to the new position indicated. Then rotate with the upper right cursor.


Here is the results after the center marker was move to the lower left of, and rotated 10 degrees.


I duplicated the bottom part, offset it and moved it to the back.


In this example, I grouped the two parts, and contoured with a .05 offset to the Outside.


Download the PDF for additional lessons on the Trim Command, or “cookie cutter” command using CorelDRAW.



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