CorelDRAW Shapes & Transformations: Notching Corners

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CorelDRAW Shapes & Transformations: Notching Corners

When using FlexiBrass or other products that your laser can cut, you can add notches to your layouts. I use them for perpetual plaque plates and to change the look of my awards plaques.


Here is an overview of the step in notching corners.

Here are the steps in notching.

1.Draw a rectangle 1” x 1”


  1. Draw a circle .50 by using the Ellipse tool. Remember holding down the CTRL key while creating the ellipse gives you a circle. Release the CTRL key after you release the mouse.
  2. Under the View Menu, select Snap to Object.
  3. Select the circle and Click-Drag by the ‘x’ Center Marker and move it over the corner of the rectangle (see Illustration 01). The circle should snap to the corner point of the rectangle.


A good tip to remember is that when working the SNAP funciton, Zoom in on the object. The SNAP is more active with a higher Zoom.


  1. Now Select the circle and Right-Click-Drag by the ‘x’ Center Marker towards the next corner. When you release the mouse, select Copy. Make sure it snaps to the corner.
  2. Move copies to the other two corners as you did in step 5.
  3. Now go to ARRANGE -> SHAPING and the Shaping Docker opens.


  1. Click on TRIM from the pull-down menu. Make sure that the Leave Original boxes (source and target) are not checked.
  2. Select one of the circles, and click the Trim button. A bold, black arrow will appear (see Illustration 03, above).


  1. With this Trim cursor, select the rectangle. The Trim option is also known as the cookie cutter. Do this with the other three circles.

You can also Combine or Group the four .50” circle before trimming.  Then you can TRIM all four circles at one time.


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