CorelDRAW Training Tip of the Week: Creating an Awards Plaque

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CorelDRAW Training Tip of the Week:  Creating an Awards Plaque

ULS Acrylic Award Creating an award or plaque that has a consistent look in a minimal amount of time is the goal of this lesson. Since my roots are in the engraving industry, I learned early that an award layout was best done with line ratios, or the relationship of the sizes of lines in a layout to each other. A text line height of .50” vs .25” has a ratio of 2:1. After the ratios of the individual lines have been developed, then all of the lines can be changed as a group to fit the size of the plate, with the ratios remaining constant.

The wording on an award usually consists of (4) groups, listed in order of importance; Recipient, Presenter, Body and Incidentals. The importance of the groups will be emphasized with the size of the text used for each group. After some experimenting, I use the following pt. sizes of text in order of group importance; 24, 20, 18, 12.  These point sizes are also my ratios.

ULS Award

award_1 award_2 award_3

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