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Superior DTG Printing with Our Patent Pending UV T-Shirt Printer Technology

Direct-to-Garment, or DTG, printing is a big business. Companies everywhere are branding themselves with t-shirts, and they could be looking at businesses like yours to get them printed quickly. However, a subpar t-shirt image is not going to do anybody any good. With our  t-shirt capable UV printers, you can wow your clients with clear images while executing the simplest DTG printing process you have ever used.

What Makes Our DTG Printing Process Better

With traditional DTG printing, there are often lengthy pre-treatments involved, and the quality can sometimes be questionable. However, when you use our UV t-shirt printers (Direct Jet UVMVP, 1800z and 7200z series F4 or F6 Editions), you no longer have to worry about harsh chemical pre-treatments, and you can be confident that the quality of the finished product will be worthy of a reputation boost. Here are just some of the reasons our DTG printing process is superior to the rest:

  • This is the first time ever you can print on all types of t-shirts, including 100% cotton, cotton blends, synthetics, and 100% polyester, without having to use any harsh chemical pre-treatments.
  • The only time any garment preparation is necessary (spray with water) is if you are using a white under base.
  • In addition to DTG printing, our UV t-shirt printers can be used with a variety of other rigid substrates.
  • The prints on the t-shirts are extraordinarily durable. They are resistant to fading even with multiple washes.
  • You can use the same process to print on both light and dark t-shirts with our UV t-shirt printers

Why Use Our UV T-Shirt Printers

Whether you are looking to improve your current DTG printing services or you want to enter into the market for the first time, our UV t-shirt printers will help you stand out from your competitors by a landslide. And since you can now effortlessly print on any type of t-shirt fabric, you can expand your offerings into athletic apparel, costumes, and so much more. The quick and easy DTG printing process means you can produce more shirts in less time and increase your profits dramatically.

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— written by Michael Perrelli, DCS Marketing Manager

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