Laser Maintenance Tips: Extend the Life of Your Laser

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Laser Maintenance Tips: Extend the Life of Your Laser

If you have been in the laser engraving business for a few years, you have probably discovered just how important the operation of your laser truly is.  With a laser you can produce tens of thousands of profitable work each year.  You probably have also discovered that your laser can go down at any time.  Given the importance of lasers today, even in the smallest of shops, the best protection against a costly laser outage is to understand your laser, plan for it, and properly maintain the functioning of your laser.  While there are a number of variables that affect the service life of a laser engraver, below are some service and cleaning tips to follow to help keep your laser running smoothly.

Belts and Bearings   

In most cases the main thing two that needs replacing every 2-3 years would be the belts and bearings.

Be sure to clean all axis rails frequently, doing this will cause less wear and could even give you more than 2-3 years.

  1. X-axis Belt (2-3 yrs depending on use).
  2. X-bearings (replace same time as X-axis belt.)
  3. Y axis (5-6 years this belt gets little wear since it doesn’t move as fast as the X-axis belt).
  4. Y-bearings (replace same time as X-axis belt.)


Optics are replaced only if after a visual inspection.  Signs of wear include:

  • Cracks/scratches in the lens or mirrors
  • Discoloration:

Lens- (if you see a bluish circle/ring in the middle)

*Normal lenses are a gold/yellow color.

  • Mirrors- (Pale pink color in the center of mirror)

*Normal color is Red.

Laser Cartridges

Laser cartridges last anywhere from 4-6 years.

*Usually a damaged optic can simulate a faulty laser cartridge, check your optics before thinking it could be your laser cartridge.

Signs your laser cartridge needs replacing.

  1. Loss of power (cutting/vectoring quality is poor/loss)
  2. Image quality poor (banding/skipping when rastering)

We will also test the laser tube for free! Call us to schedule a time that you can bring in the laser cartridge.

-Noe, Engravers Network In-house Service Technician

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