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Universal Laser Systems Expands Its Materials Database with Dyneema, Quadrant and ISOVOLTA Materials

Universal Laser Systems (ULS) has expanded its unique materials database with the addition of Dyneema®, Quadrant and ISOVOLTA materials. This proprietary materials database, which is the most extensive repository of laser material processing parameters, automatically calculates optimized processing settings for materials based on laser wavelength and power ranging from 10 watts to 500 watts.

The Dyneema, Quadrant and ISOVOLTA materials new to the ULS materials database were specifically added for laser processing with the ULTRA and XLS platforms, suited for high accuracy and precision laser cutting, laser ablation and laser surface modification.

The materials include:

·         Dyneema® UHMWPE Fabric
·         Dyneema® Composite Fabric
·         Quadrant Acetron® GP Acetal
·         Quadrant Ketron® PEEK 1000

Laser processing notes, describing the results of the laser-material interaction for these materials, are also available in the Materials Library on the ULS website to help potential customers explore the advantages of deploying laser technology within their manufacturing, research and development, and prototyping activities.

Learn more about these materials in our 
Materials Library or about the materials database on www.ulsinc.com.

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