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Tips & Tricks: How to Make Font Folders for Vision Software

Jul 31, 17 • Front Page, TipsNo Comments

Tips & Tricks: How to Make Font Folders for Vision Software

Sometimes it’s helpful to have a folder that has only the fonts you use.  This is how to do that:

Open the Vision software and click on Text Tools, then click on Frame Text Compose.


Click on the Font Detective, then Options, then Add Group.


For this example we used Trophy Fonts for the name, but you can name the folder what you need it to be.  If you are just putting a few fonts in the folder, it’s easier to check “which is initially empty” and click OK.


Make sure the new folder is showing in the window, click Options again, then Edit Group.



From here, the desired fonts for the new folder can be picked.  Choose the folder that has the fonts you want and just add desired fonts to the new folder.  When you’re done, just click OK, then Select.


The new Font folder will be in your list with the new fonts ready to use.


— Vision Admin, Vision Engravers

Texas Trophy Show 2017

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Sign up now to attend the greatest little trophy show in Texas!!

We are back at the South Shore Resort in League City this year and are looking forward to spending some time with you.

Come out and visit with the industry’s top suppliers, learn a new trick or two, make new friends, and have a great time.

When Friday, August 4 & Saturday, August 5

Hours 10-5 Fri // 10-2:30 Sat

Where South Shore Harbor Resort, 2500 South Shore Blvd. League City, Texas 77573


Current Direct Jet UV Customers Can Update to Color Byte 10.0.1 Now

Jul 17, 17 • Front Page, TipsNo Comments

The latest version of Color Byte V10 is now available.

Version 10.0.1 provides minor updates to the Color Byte RIP and is a requirement when operating any 1800z series printers.

There is no cost to update to the latest rev of the software. In fact, users DO NOT need to uninstall the current the package to do so. To update, simply download the .zip file below and follow the PDF instructions HERE.

Download here!

How to Create High Quality Laser Engraved Photos

Jul 10, 17 • Front Page, TipsNo Comments

How to Create High Quality Laser Engraved Photos

1-Touch Laser Photo™ is an innovative product for converting digital photographs (BMP, JPEG, PNG or TIFF formats) into bitmap files that can be used to indelibly mark or engrave the image into materials such as hard wood, stone or metal to create high value products. This transforms an ordinary photograph into a professional quality engraving. Prior to 1-Touch this was possible only by experimenting with halftone screens, dithering patterns, and laser settings – an expensive and time consuming methodology. 1-Touch automates this process and provides these benefits:

  • Optimize Return on Investment

1-Touch Laser Photo automatically converts digital photographs to optimized bitmaps, saving both time and materials.

  • High Quality Results

Image processing software developed by the experts at ULS delivers professional quality laser marking and engraving results every time.

  • Broadest Range of Material Compatibility

Photographs can be laser marked or laser engraved onto hundreds of materials using the optimized process setting calculated by the ULS Intelligent Materials Database.

  • Regular Software Updates

New materials are added to 1-Touch Laser Photo every quarter.

  • Intuitive User Interface

All that’s needed are three easy steps to transform a digital photograph to a professional-quality engraving.

  • Stand Alone Software

1-Touch Laser Photo is compatible with all brands of laser systems.

Black AcrylicMarble-1000 DPIPhotography on LeatherMaple Wood


Vision 1612 Pro: Making of a Fidget Spinner

Jun 26, 17 • Front Page, TipsNo Comments

Vision 1612 Pro: Making of a Fidget Spinner

Watch as we use the 1612 Pro Engraver to create a reverse engrave acrylic spinner. You can also download the cut file to engrave your own Vision Spinner.

Vision Tips & Tricks: Common Shortcut/Hot Keys in the Vision Software

Jun 12, 17 • Front Page, TipsNo Comments

Vision Tips & Tricks: Common Shortcut/Hot Keys in the Vision Software


Shortcuts or Hot Keys are key combinations on the keyboard that when pressed perform certain functions in the software. For instance, pressing the control button and the “A” button at the same time will perform the “Select All” function selecting everything on the workspace. This is commonly written in shorthand as CTRL+A. Shortcuts make navigating through the Vision software faster. Below is a list of commonly used shortcuts in the Vision software.


If you search through the Vision software help files you will find a thorough list of shortcuts, hot keys and function keys.


Best Practice Guide for Direct-to-Garment

Jun 5, 17 • Front Page, TipsNo Comments

The versatile Direct Jet UVMVP Series and 7200z printers (F4 Editions) from DCS can now be used to create durable and resistant prints, with high strength and durability, when printing to light and dark colored fabrics/garments utilizing the Multisolve IRF4 UV inks.

This latest innovation marks the first ever DTG (Direct-to-Garment) printer for cotton, cotton blends, and 100% polyester and synthetics without the need for harsh chemical pretreatments.

The DTG market has long struggled with printing to polyester and synthetic blend garments with and without harsh chemical pretreatments. The ability to print quickly and easily to cotton, polyester, and various synthetic blends, without the need to heat press a chemical pretreatment, combined with the ability for the printed image to stretch with any fabric, can radically increase product offerings and profits for those in the DTG market.

Download the BEST PRACTICE GUIDE here!

VISION Tips and Tricks: Text to Path

May 22, 17 • Front Page, TipsNo Comments

VISION Tips and Tricks: Text to Path

Text to Path will let you wrap text to shapes and lines.

***The Text to Path feature is included in Vision Expert and Vision Pro engraving and routing software packages, it is not included in the Vision Express package***

Start with typing out the text that you want and also create your shape/line to use.


Select both the text and the shape, then the Text to Path icon on the top will light up, left click on the icon.

***If the Text to Path icon is not on your toolbar, you can find it by going to Transform on the top ribbon, then scroll down to Text to Path***


The upper left top row allows you to place the text where on the shape you want (top, bottom, right, left) and the bottom row lets you place the text on the path of the shape (inside, outside, on, etc.).   You can adjust the space between the text and the path by entering a positive or negative number in the Text to path distance field.


To make a change, click Apply, and when finished, click on Close.


In order to be able to move the text, Group the shape and the text, move it, Ungroup it, and now you can position them as you need to.

— Vision Engraving & Routing Systems, 3/8/2017

Intro to Fiber Laser Technology

May 3, 17 • Front Page, TipsNo Comments

Intro to Fiber Laser Technology

High power FIBER LASER TECHNOLOGY leads to remarkable marking time, production efficiency, and quality! Permanently mark a wide range of materials including aluminum, anodized aluminum, brass, carbide, chrome, copper, gold, iron, pewter, silver, stainless steel, brick, and more!

Universal Laser Tips & Tricks: Exhaust Installation & Specs

Mar 20, 17 • Front Page, TipsNo Comments

Universal Laser Tips & Tricks: Exhaust Installation & Specs

 You have just purchased your new Universal Laser System and are preparing for delivery and installation.  However, there are a few things that must be completed before your system arrives.   One very important task that MUST get checked off the pre-installation check list is proper set up of an exhaust system.  Below are a few expert tips that you can follow:

  • Typical Installation has the exhaust sitting underneath the laser or right beside it, with the exhaust going through a wall, up a wall, or through a window nearby.
  • A blast gate or dryer vent will allow you to shut off the ducting from the outside when not in use, and will give something for the exhaust hose to attach to.
  • If mounting the exhaust unit outside or on a roof it will need to be covered so it is protected from the elements and outside critters.
  • The further away from the laser you get the worse it will perform. Minimum CFM requirements will need to be upped if over 15 feet away in any direction. Additional hose, clamps, adapters may be needed also.
  • Any electrical work, drilling, cutting, plumbing, etc is the responsibility of the customer. The tech will connect the hose from the laser to the exhaust and from the exhaust to the blast gate/dryer vent only.
  • Dryer vent or flex hose is commonly used for inside hookup. Outside venting can use PVC or 4” round metal ducting.

Example: VLS6.60/PLS                VLS2.30/3.50                       VLS3.60/4.60
VLS-660 VLS230-350vls360-460

Download Exhaust Spec Sheet!

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