Over a million ways to give your business a competitive advantage!

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Modular Architecture: Over a million ways to give your business a competitive advantage!


Leverage our 27+ years of continuous innovation with market first technology only available from Universal.

  • Complete laser material processing ecosystem by design
  • Modular Architecture
  • Rapid Reconfiguration™
  • Dual Laser platforms
  • Air-cooled lasers from 10W to 500 W
  • SuperSpeed™
  • Multiwave Hybrid™ technology
  • Class 1 to Class 4 transformable platforms
  • Integrated air purification system
  • Fire suppression
  • Laser Materials Processing Database
  • Advance Process Control Software
  • And More…


Modular Architecture

Universal Laser Systems offers a wide range of modular components that can be configured into more than 1,000,000 different laser system combinations, giving customers the ultimate flexibility to create the best solution to meet their business objectives. The modules are designed as an eco-system, where the modules work in concert with one another to form a customer’s optimal laser material processing solution.


With hundreds of thousands of materials suitable for laser cutting, marking and engraving, it is important to ensure that a customer can adapt their laser system to achieve optimal results. Our modular architecture enables customers to build a solution that can easily be reconfigured at any time. A solution can be made up of one or more laser material processing systems. In a single system configuration, components can be added or removed to address specific material processing requirements. In a multiple-system configuration, components can be shared between systems and new components added or removed as needed to optimize the entire solution.


Core to our design philosophy is the mission to deliver the industry’s best laser material processing solutions while providing an outstanding customer experience. To accomplish this, our modular components are designed and developed to:

  • Optimize the customer’s return on investment
  • Improve laser material processing quality, productivity, and flexibility
  • Expand the number of materials which can be processed using a laser system
  • Reduce maintenance and downtime
  • Enhance user, facility and equipment safety
  • Simplify system usability


Dual Laser Configuration: Unmatched system flexibility

The patented(US6423925) Dual Laser Configuration from ULS is a fundamentally different approach to using multiple laser sources. The beam of each laser is combined within the platform, not on the lasers or in a separate assembly. This design provides multiple advantages to the customer:


  • Expands Processing Capability
  • Decreases Downtime
  • Improves System Performance
  • Enables Other Unique Universal Features
  • Protects and Optimizes Investment


SuperSpeed: Dramatically improve productivity

SuperSpeed™ offers customers the unique ability to drastically improve system productivity in engraving and marking. This patented technology (US6313433) was designed from the ground up to benefit the customer. Our SuperSpeed technology:


  • Improves Processing Throughput
  • Improves Reliability and Uptime
  • Provides Ultimate Processing Flexibility
  • Enables Additional Resolutions
  • Is Easy to Use


SuperSpeed – How It Works

When a laser platform is equipped with two CO2 lasers of the same power, the combining optics result in one S-polarized beam and the other P-polarized. The SuperSpeed attachment uses this difference in polarization to independently control the focusing location of each laser. This is accomplished by placing an optical system containing a Thin Film Polarizer (TFP) in the beam path. The TFP allows the P-polarized laser to pass through transparently, while reflecting the S-polarized beam. A precision actuator is attached to a mechanical linkage, which controls the angle between the two beams. The focusing optics in the carriage focuses each of these beams to a slightly different location within the processing field.