DirectJet 1800S

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The all new Direct Jet 1800s UV printer models build upon the success of our 1800 printer platform and bed size. Direct Color engineers have been reviewing and analyzing feedback/data on current 1800z models and have used this information to make some significant changes under the covers of the 1800s. 

Not only is the 1800s faster across many print modes, but it also produces higher quality prints than the current 1800z models. Your sales pitches to prospective owners can primarily focus on the increased production speeds and quality of print.

Highlights/Details on the new 1800s Product Line:

  • 12” x 24” Print Area
  • 3 Height Clearances Still Available – 4”, 6”, 15”

Improved Performance – 1800s

  • New – Bigger and More Powerful UV LED Lamp
    • Faster print speeds
    • May improve adhesion on some materials
  • New – Larger Capacity Bulk Ink System
    • 650ml injection molded ink vessels
  • Improved White Ink Circulation

Improved Service/Reliability – 1800s

  • New Ink Line Routing
  • Damper Holder Redesign
  • UV Lamp Bracket Redesign
  • Redesigned Print Engine Board Bracket
  • Simplified Access to Print Engine Electronics

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