FiberEtch S300-B

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FiberEtch S300-B

Promo Price: $23,995

Retail Price: $29,995

The FiberEtch Series Lasers is your solution for engraving and marking all types of bare metals and plastics. The FiberEtch lasers offer a modular design with a virtually maintenance-free laser source guarantees constantly precise marking on your part. The FiberEtch laser integrates the IPG Photonics fiber as it’s laser source. With facilities throughout the world, IPG Photonics is the world’s leading provider of high power fiber lasers. The galvo head scanner allows for the fastest production on a broader range of marking applications.

Work Area: 6.85″ x 6.85″, (174 x 174 mm)  Max. Material Thickness: 3.75″ (95.2 mm)  Laser Wattage: 30, 50 watts 

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