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dominatorThe Cobalt Dominator includes a European Pulsed FIber Laser Source, no routine maintenance, high precision digital scan head, preloaded software on supplied PC and its from Laser Marking Technologies, LLC the world leader in affordable laser marking systems.

  • Max Marking Area:
    Standard 163 FL Lens: 4.33″ x 4.33″
    Optional 100 FL Lens: 2.15″ x 2.15″
    Optional 254 FL Lens: 6.89″ x 6.89″
  • Machine Footprint: 25″ W x 36″ D x 29″H
  • Distance from the back of the machine to the
    front of the legs is 24.25″
  • The smallest dimensions for the table would be
    19″W x 23.5″L. The machine is 35.75″, it will need to overhang 11″
  • Max Work Piece:
    Standard 163 FL Lens: 5″H x 12″W x 20″L
    Optional 100 FL Lens: 7.25″H x 12″W x 20″L
    Optional 254 FL Lens: 1.375″H x 12″W x 20″L
  • Laser Power: 10 Watt standard, Optional 20W-100W
  • Laser Type: Ytterbium Fiber Laser
  • Wavelength: 1064nm
  • kHz: 0-100kHz
  • Electrical Requirements: 110VAC (15 Amps)
  • Scan Head: LMT Digital Scan Head
  • Warranty: 2 years on laser source (see warranty terms)

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