Dual Laser Configuration

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Dual Laser Configuration combines two ULS laser sources into a single beam for additional power and flexibility. Because the combining mechanism is built into the machine and not the laser, the option is compatible with all ULS laser cartridges. The PLS6.150D, PLS6.150D (with SuperSpeed™), ILS9.75 and ILS12.75 are all engineered for Dual Laser Configuration.,br>

For example, you can install both a 30-watt laser, for applications that benefit from lower wattage, and a 75-watt laser which can combine with the 30-watt laser to provide 105 watts of power for deep cutting or engraving. The ULS software can be configured to use either or both lasers on different parts of the artwork within a single job for maximum flexibility. Cutting applications also benefit from the cross polarization that occurs when combining two laser beams, producing more consistent cuts. Dual Laser Configuration systems combine with Rapid Reconfiguration™ to deliver even more flexibility and configuration.