Laser Interface+™

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The world’s most advanced, powerful and flexible laser print driver for material processing systems. Laser Interface+™ is a materials-based print driver that gives you the choice of automatic or manual control over power, speed, pulses per inch and other system settings. Laser Interface+™, combined with the Universal Control Panel (UCP), gives you complete control over your laser processing system.



Laser Interface+™ Features

Universal UCP-Materials DatabaseEnhanced Materials Database
After sending your graphic layout, select your materials from the hundreds of choices. The UCP database interfaces with your laser cartridge to determine the best power settings  for cutting, marking and engraving. After selecting the materials, you can send your layout directly to laser for processing. Or, you can view the job in the Universal Control Panel (UCP) to adjust the settings.



manual-controlManual Mode
The manual mode allows you to preview the power settings provided in the Enhanced Materials Database. Since all materials are not created equal, you have the option of adjusting the settings to meet your needs.

You can fine-tune images, even at low print resolutions, to increase cutting and engraving quality. You can also tune the laser/driver to produce finer quality on critical jobs.

Service & Diagnostic Features
Laser Interface+™ was designed to help you keep your laser system running in top condition. It knows when your laser system is nearing its next preventative maintenance event and can even contact your authorized channel partner for you when it is time to schedule service. Laser Interface+™ is also equipped with a software update feature, so you can be sure you always have the latest version.

Productivity Features

  • Move and Duplicate files in the UCP
    Easily manipulate job files, move designs around the engraving field and duplicate them at a click to enjoy effortless economies of scale. The UCP lets you move or duplicate your layouts without the necessity of going back in your graphics program.
  • Job Estimator
    The job time estimator to determine the run time of a new job before processing it.
  • Print Preview Function
    Allows you to preview a job on-screen before it is actually run to ensure proper set-up; also displays the progress of each job as it is running.
  • Job Storage
    Store and run thousands of jobs and change, restore and save job parameters on the fly without the need to reopen the graphics software file. Up to 2000 engraving jobs can be saved to memory in Laser Interface+™, including all materials setting: you will never be more than a minute away from production.
  • Remote Operation
    Laser Interface+™ can be controlled by external signals if the optional automation interface accessory is installed.