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air-compressorUniversal’s Air Assist with Optics Protection requires a source of compressed air to operate, but not all sources of compressed air are created equal. Using a Computer-Controlled Compressed Air Unit will maximize the life of your laser optics and ensure consistently excellent laser processing results

The Computer-Controlled Compressed Air Unit is a quiet, compact compressed air unit that provides clean, oil- and moisture-free optical quality air. Because it was designed specifically to work with laser systems from Universal, it integrates seamlessly into the process flow and activates and deactivates automatically as needed. Every aspect of the unit, from the maximum air pressure to the type of material used in the tubing, is designed to protect laser optics and to maximize laser processing results.

A compressed air unit from a home improvement store may generate a similar volume of air, but those units were designed for general hobbyist use, not laser processing. The air they produce is frequently contaminated with moisture, oil, or other impurities which can damage the focus lens or reduce overall processing quality. For the best processing results and the longest optics lifetime, choose Universal’s Computer-Controlled Compressed Air Unit.

Key Benefits

  • Designed specifically for laser processing
  • Extends optics lifetime
  • Communicates with your system
  • Recommended for use with Air Assist 
System(s): VLS Desktops, VLS Platforms, PLS (all models), ILS (all models)