Computer Controlled Air Assist

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Universal Laser computer controlled Air-Assist
Computer Controlled Air Assist with Optics Protection conveys compressed air to the carriage of the motion system. When used with a Cone or Back Sweep accessory, it directs compressed air onto the surface of the material being laser processed. Air volume is controlled by the Laser Interface+™ print driver and can be automatically adjusted on the fly. Requires Cone or BackSweep (not included).
In addition to the optics protection benefits, Air Assist with Optics Protection can provide superior processing results on some materials, preventing melt-back and ensuring cut edges are smooth and polished. Air Assist with Optics Protection is available in standard and computer-controlled versions. The computer controlled version turns on and off automatically and adjusts the airflow rate based on the job being run.


Key Benefits

  • Protects Optics
  • Improves cutting and engraving performance
System(s):  PLS (all models), ILS (all models)