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Universal Laser VLS 3.50 – 30 Watt

Price: $9,495
Warranty: 6 months

Universal Laser VLS 3.50 – 50 Watt

Price: $13,495
Warranty: 6 months

Universal Laser PLS6.150 Demo Unit

Price: $21,995
Warranty: 6 months

Vision 2550 Router

Price: $21,000
Warranty: 1 year warranty

EN-FB30 Fiber Laser

Price: $18,995
Warranty: N/A

Universal Laser VLS 2.30 – 25 WATT

Price: SOLD
6 months

Direct Color Systems 1024UVMVP

Price: $32,995
Part Warranty:
 Expires 6/2016

Universal Laser PLS6.150 Demo Unit

Price: $28,995
Warranty: 6 months

Universal Laser PLS6.75 Demo Unit

Price: $22,995
Warranty: 6 months

25 Watt ULS Cartridge

Price: $2,995
Warranty: 1-year

3D Systems ProJet Finisher

Price: $500
Warranty: N/A

Universal Laser M300

Price: SOLD
Warranty: 6 month

Automark 7800-T-40 Stamping Machine

Price: $195
Warranty: N/A

Universal Laser VLS4.60 – 60 Watt

Price: $15,995
Warranty: 6 months

Direct Color Systems 1024UVHS

Price: $19,995
6 months

Purex Laserex Alpha 400h

Price: $2,195
30 days

Universal Laser Systems Filter Cart

Price: $1,095
Warranty: 90 Days

Western Engravers Supply 2424

Price: $1,000
Warranty: N/A

Picture 1
Universal Laser VLS6.60 – 60 Watt

Price: $17,995
Warranty: 6 months

Welcome to Engravers Network’s used equipment listings!


All of our pre-owned systems are fully refurbished.  Each system is thoroughly checked from top to bottom.  We test and recharge the laser, replace any broken and/or worn parts, and clean and perform all needed maintenance.  Before leaving our facility all systems are in excellent working condition.  A 6-month warranty is included with all of our systems.

If you are interested in any of our used systems, please let us know and we will provide you with full information and pricing.

If you do not see the system or model you are looking for, let us know.  Our available systems are always changing and with our large network of manufacturers, customers, and other professionals, we are able to do a custom search to fit your specific needs.  If you are not sure which system is the right fit for you, we are happy to recommend a system that best fits your budget, application, and desired delivery date.

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