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ULS Used Cartridges

We have several Universal Laser Cartridges that came in from trade-ins. Upon the purchase of your cartridge, we will ship it to ULS for the factory recharge/update. They will ship it directly to you and include a 1-year factory warranty.

This is the best time if you want to upgrade power from your current model. Please note the table for maximum power by Machine below. *

ULR vs UL Cartridges

The UL cartridge was the cartridge use in the Legend (M, V, X) Platforms. You can use a UL cartridge in your existing Legend machine, or you can use the ULR cartridge with an optional pigtail**. A UL cartridge cannot be used in a ULR machine, the current models (VL, VLS, PLS, ILS).

UL CARTRIDGES – For the Legend series (M,V,X)

  • UL25 Watt / Great for a backup. Also, I prefer the 25-watt laser for the detail I get when working with marble & granite / $2150.00
  • UL30 Watt / Add this to your VL/VLS desktop laser for more power / $2350.00
  • UL 45 Watt / For the M, V, X Series only / $2695.00


  • ULR10 Watt / Great for creating pad print clichés in-house or other low power applications / $1995.00
  • ULR30 Watt / For both the legend (M, V, X) ** and current series (VL, VLS, PLS, ILS) / $2450.00
  • ULR40 Watt / For both the legend (M, V, X) ** and current series (VL, VLS, PLS, ILS) / $2650.00
  • ULR 60 Watt / For both the legend (M, V, X) ** and current series (VL, VLS, PLS, ILS) / $3895.00

The cost of a new 60-watt ULR is $9,600. The only difference is you get a 2-year warranty on a new one, and a 1 year on a recharge. And a recharge is only $1895.00 $3895.00

**Pigtail A pigtail is required if you are using a ULR cartridge in the Legend series (M, V, X) $60.00

*Maximum Laser Power by Machine

  • M series – M30-30 watts; M300-50 watts; M360-60 watts
  • V Series – V400-50 watts; V460-60 watts
  • X/X2 Series – X600-50 watts; X-660-60 watts; X2-660-60 watts (can use 2 60-watt cartridges)
  • VL Series – VL200 – 30 watts; VL300-50 watts
  • VLS Series-VLS230 – 30 watts; VLS350 – 50 watts; VLS360-60 watts; VLS460-60 watts; VLS660-60 watts
  • PLS Series – PLS360-60 watts; PLS460-60 watts; PLS660-60 watts; PLS 6.120-60 watts (2 cart.)
  • PLS Series – PLS375-75 watts; PLS475-75 watts; PLS675-75 watts; PLS6.150-75 watts (2 cart.)
  • ILS Series – ILS9.75/ILS12.75-75 watts; ILS9.150D/ILS12.150D-75 watts (2 cart)


Questions/Ordering Instructions

Have a question? Give us a call at 1-866-727-7256. Be sure and have your machine serial number available when you call.