San Antonio Expo 2015

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PowerPoint Presentation

Photoshop Elements


1-Touch Photo Engraving

Corel Class Training

CorelDRAW X7 Training


Setting up a basic job in CorelDRAW

Line Widths & Scaling

Exporting CorelDRAW vector images to the PLT/HPGL for use in Engraving Systems

Print Merge – X3

Creating Ornaments With The Artistic Media Tool

Plaque Layouts

Scale With Image vs. Convert Lines To Objects

Notching Corners If you are using a version below X3, you might need this.

Rounding Corners If you are using a version below X3, you might need this as well.

Nametags with Contour & Weld

Borders for Plaques with Transform & Trim

Logos For The Laser

Guidelines for Corners on Plaques

Creating Basic Blends Ever want to create a chain, rope, or make objects flow around a path?

Creating An Outline For An Acrylic Award

Creating 3-D Layouts for the Laser

Borders Created with Polygons

Creating a Border with the Blend Function

Creating A Nametag with a Cut-out Great for adding a third color

Creating The DAYS INN Logo Using the following tools & commands: Shape Tool Trim, Weld, 3-point Ellipse, Polygon Tool.

Trimming Text Lots of examples of manipulating text with the Trim Tool.

More About Line Widths

Print Merge Tip Sheet How to create multiple badges by merging a print file into CorelDRAW X3 and X4.