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Keeping the laser system clean will ensure the highest quality engraving. The frequency of cleaning will depend entirely on the type of material being engraved, the performance of your exhaust blower, the operating environment, and the amount of laser system usage over a given period of time. Dirt or debris that is allowed to build up on the motion system components will cause uneven or rough engraving, or loss of engraving position as well as premature component failure. Smoke or dirt buildup on the optics can cause damage to them, loss of laser power, or premature failure of these components. Use good judgment and keep in mind that a clean machine is the best performing machine

Universal Laser offers one of the best manuals for general operation, service and maintenance in the industry. Below are the recommended maintenance procedures from the ULS owners manuals.

Legacy Platform M25, M300, V400, X600, X2600

VL200 & VL300

M Class



VLS Desktop VLS2.30 and VLS3.50

VLS Platform VLS3.60, VLS4.60 and VLS6.60

Professional Laser System PLS3.75, PLS4.75, PLS6.75 and PLS6.150D

Industrial Laser System ILS9.150D and ILS12.150D

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