Direct Color Systems Tech Showcase

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Tech Showcase – DCS HQ (Rocky Hill, CT)

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Featuring LIVE DEMOS on the best in industry-class Direct Jet 7200z and Direct Jet UVMVP Series.

See ADA/Braille signs, TEXTUR3D™ items and water bottles (cylindrical objects), along with many more printed samples. This is an exclusive opportunity to see the best in class Direct Jet 1024UVMVP6 and the 7200z printer in action.



Each day attendees are invited to attend an educational or training seminar:

  • 9:00a: The Questions to Ask When Researching UV LED Printers
  • 1:30p: Creating TEXTUR3D™ files in Color Byte V10
  • 2:30p: Designing ADA/Braille Signs in Color Byte V10


DCS Direct Jet UV LED printers are Made in the USA and distributed globally.

DCS does not import and rebrand printers. Each and every Direct Jet UV LED printer is manufactured in our facility in Rocky Hill, CT USA.