Tip of the Week: ULS System and Optics Cleaning

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Tip of the Week:  ULS System and Optics Cleaning

System Cleaning:

Cleaning your Universal Laser System helps to keep your laser system working properly.  When cleaning your system it is important to carefully select the correct chemicals and cleaning solutions. Open the Top Door and thoroughly remove all loose debris from inside the machine with a vacuum.  DO NOT used pressurized air as it may scratch the opticuls-accessories.

Cleaning the Engraving Table surface it is best to use either a soap solution, 409, or alcohol, and paper towels.  NEVER pour or spray any solution directly into the laser system or by the fan filters.  Always spray the paper towel or shop towel with solution outside of the machine and then wipe down the parts you are cleaning.

Do not use alcohol when cleaning the X and Y rails, as the alcohol can sometimes remove the protective coating on the bearing, causing wear to both the rails and bearings.  Use either cotton swabs or paper towels and pay close attention to the bearing tracks, as any debris left can build up and cause the bearings to wear and the engraving quality to becomeOptics pic rough.

Once the rails and tracks are cleaned, use a clean swab or paper towel, and water to clean all of the bearings by holding the swab against each bearing and moving the motion system by hand to roll the bearings against the swab.

*Remember to lubricate the Z axis every 6 months with lithium grease.  It is not necessary to lubricate any other parts.

When cleaning the Top Window use a cotton cloth and soap and water solution.  DO NOT use paper towels because the Top Window is made out of acrylic and is easily scratched.  *NOTE: Only use cleaners designed for acrylic as other chemicals will crack the acrylic.

*Quick Tip: Use a Q-tip to clean all the tight areas.

Optics Cleaning:

It is important to visually inspect the #2 and #3 Mirrors, Beam Window, and Focus Lens on a daily basis.  DO NOT clean an optic that is visually clean.  Over cleaning of the optics can lead to damage.  NEVER touch any optic with your fingers as the acids from your skin can destroy the coatings on the optics. ALWAYS wash hands thoroughly before cleaning.

-Noe, Engravers Network In-house Service Technician

About Noe:  Noe is the in-house service technician for Engravers Network and has been with the company for three years. He is the resident expert and services all Universal Laser equipment at our Arlington facility.  Noe handles everything from technical support to troubleshooting and diagnostics.