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Here are some lessons with step-by-step instructions to help you learn more about CorelDRAW for use on your laser. They are in print-ready PDF format. They are not to be shared commercially, or distributed in any format.

Setting up a basic job in CorelDRAW

Line Widths & Scaling

Exporting CorelDRAW vector images to the PLT/HPGL for use in Engraving Systems

Print Merge – X3

Creating Ornaments With The Artistic Media Tool

Plaque Layouts

Scale With Image vs. Convert Lines To Objects

Notching Corners If you are using a version below X3, you might need this.

Rounding Corners If you are using a version below X3, you might need this as well.

Nametags with Contour & Weld

Borders for Plaques with Transform & Trim

Logos For The Laser

Guidelines for Corners on Plaques

Creating Basic Blends Ever want to create a chain, rope, or make objects flow around a path?

Creating An Outline For An Acrylic Award

Creating 3-D Layouts for the Laser

Borders Created with Polygons

Creating a Border with the Blend Function

Creating A Nametag with a Cut-out Great for adding a third color

Creating The DAYS INN Logo Using the following tools & commands: Shape Tool Trim, Weld, 3-point Ellipse, Polygon Tool.

Trimming Text Lots of examples of manipulating text with the Trim Tool.

More About Line Widths

Print Merge Tip Sheet How to create multiple badges by merging a print file into CorelDRAW X3 and X4.

Tips & Tricks

Configuring CorelDRAW for the ULS Laser

Changing the order of filters when exporting/importing

Do you ever get tired of scrolling through the many file types when you are selecting a file format for import or exporting? You can change the order they appear in the dialog. In Tools/Options, under Global, choose Filters. Select Raster under available file types and select your choices from the list at the right, moving them up or down in the list as you choose. The Raster list primarily affects the import/export dialogs. Vector list primarily affects the Save as Type dialog. I keep CDR at the top of both lists, and put GIF and JPG right under that since I often need one format or the other, but you can put it into any order you want.

Deselecting all objects

If you have one or any number of objects selected, you can deselect all of them at once by pressing the ESC Key.

Selecting hidden objects behind another objects

You can select an object that is hidden behind other objects so that you can edit it. To select a hidden object: 1. Using the Pick tool, select the topmost object behind which the object you want to edit is hidden 2. Press ALT, and click the topmost object again to select the object directly behind it 3. Repeat Step 2 until you have selected the object you want to edit. Watch the Status Bar to see when your object is selected.

Shortcut for selecting the Outline Pen dialog (Line widths)

A quick way to bring up the Outline Pen Dialog, is to double-click on the or Outline Pen swatch, located at the bottom right of the Status Bar (at the bottom of the CorelDRAW screen). If you have non-text objects selected, it’s easier to go to the Outline Width option on the Properties bar to change the outline width. But, it you are working with Text, the Outline Width option IS not on the Property Bar. Use this tip to get to the Outline Pen Dialog to change the width.

Shortcut for selecting the uniform fill dialog

You can save a couple of clicks to get to the Fill Dialog by double-clicking on the Uniform Fill swatch on the Status Bar (at the bottom of the CorelDRAW screen).