Tips for laser engraving

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Application Tips

Here are some tips and tricks with easy to follow instructions to help you discover more you can do on your laser engraving machine. 

  • Sign-Making Techniques
  • Mark and engrave different materials in one process (Flexx Laser Only)
  • Deep engraving metal
  • Black marking on anodized aluminum
  • Metal marking: CO2 vs Fiber
  • Metal: Annealing
  • Kerf Cut
  • Paper finishing

How to make money with a laser

Discover way to make your Laser Business more profitable. 

  • Optimizing your productivity
  • How personalized products add value for your customer, and are more profitable for your business
  • Laser Marking
  • How a marking laser can grow your business

Laser Accessories

Learn more about the variety of laser accessories we offer and how to use them.

Maintenance for Laser Owners

  • Keeping your laser machine clean
  • Ideal environment for your laser
  • Cleaning Laser Focus Lenses
  • Exhaust Systems: Extending the life

Laser Parameters

  • What are laser parameters?
  • Optimal laser parameters
  • Using grayscale matrix for laser parameters
  • Deciding laser parameters without testing
  • Export laser parameters
  • Import laser parameters into JobControl

Graphic Programs

  • Selecting the best resolution for laser engraving
  • Designing templates
  • Raster vs. Vector engraving
  • CorelDRAW: Serial printing
  • CorelDRAW: From image to cutting path
  • Adobe Illustrator®: Creating pop-up cards
  • Adobe Illustrator®: Optimal settings for your laser
  • Using AutoCAD
  • JobControl® Vision: Creating Graphics and Optimal Laser Settings

Laser Software: JobControl®

  • High-quality Mode
  • Relief mode for laser engraving
  • Calculating the processing time
  • Positioning aids
  • Raster algorithm/halftone options
  • Photo laser engraving
  • Inner Geometries first
  • JobControl® Vision: Creating Graphics and Optimal Laser Settings