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Step by step instructions to create protective face shields to combat the spread of COVID-19

We are inspired by our customers who are actively seeking out ways to combat the spread of COVID-19 using their laser machines. As the world faces shortages in medical supplies, we must protect those on the front lines as much as possible. In this tutorial, we demonstrate how to laser process this protective face shield, so that laser users can contribute to the cause.

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Step 1: Process the Acrylic

Position a .25″ thick piece of acrylic into the laser machine and laser-cut the material using the file provided. Once processing is completed, remove the cut pieces from the remaining material.






Step 2: Assemble the Acrylic Pieces

Insert the smaller, square piece of material into the acrylic band, as shown in the video provided. Use glue to adhere the pieces together, and ensure that they are firmly connected.

Step 3: Process the PET Film

Position a sheet of polyester film (material needs to be in a range of 0.007” to 0.01” thickness) onto the vector grid. Select the facemask portion of the file, and laser-cut the film. Once processing is completed, separate the excess film, and remove the finished facemask from the vector grid.

Step 4: Assemble the Face Shield

To assemble, fasten the connectors on the acrylic band into the corresponding holes at the top of the film. Once completed, use a rubber band to keep the protective shield on the head.

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