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Product Description

LMM-6060 is a laser marking material for metals. LMM-6060 is a specifically formulated water based product designed to perform the same as the LMM-6000, LMM-6038 and LMMM-6012. The LMM-6060 is an all-in-one metal marking product.  The LMM-6060 will not work on metals with a lacquered coating.

Strengths of Product

Versatility and ease of application. The LMM-6060 is an all0in-one metal marking product. The LMM-6060 will have NO HAZARDOUS shipping cost. High quality, high contrast, durable marks on a variety of metal substrates. The LMM-6060 has improved adhesion for difficult to stick to surfaces such as high polished aluminum or stainless and chrome.  Dries to a tough film that can be handled. Coated parts can be stacked.

Lasers that work

LMM-6060 works equally well with CO2, fiber and fiber lasers.

Recommended  Application Parameters

  • Application Methods: Spray, paintbrush, foam brush or screen print.
  • Application: Clean surface of metal so that it is free of any lubricants or oils. LMM-6060 must be applied with an even and thin coat to ensure a consistent mark.
  • Wet Film Thickness: 0.5 – 1.0 wet mils.
  • Coverage: 500 grams of LMM-6060 will cover approximately 8000 square inches.
  • Thinner: Ethanol, denatured alchol, grain alcohol, methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) or acetone. Isopropyl alcohol should be avoided.
  • Recommended reduction: For brushing use a 2 parts by volume ethanol to 1 part LMM-6060 or spraying, a 1:1 mix by volume of LMM-6060 to ethanol.  MEK or acetone can be used at a 2:1 mix by volume of LMM-6060 to thinner.
  • Suggested cleaning solvents: Wash with water or a wet towel.

Application notes

For optimum mark quality, a thin even coat of LMM-6060 should be used. If the material is applied too thin, the marks will not be as dark. If the material is applied too thick, more power will be required to make the mark.  Applying LMM-6060 may require practice to achieve the right coverage. It is also important to allow the coating to dry thoroughly.

LMM-6060 is formulated to be thick to prevent settling.  It may be necessary to thin the paste before using.  Application method will determine the amount of thinner required, along with room temperature and humidity.  The ratios recommended above should be sufficient.  Keep in mind that the more the material is thinned, the less active ingredients are being applied.  Overthinning will result in a lighter mark than properly thinned and applied LMM-6060.

Drying time & methods

If left to air dry, LMM6060 is normally fully dry within 2 minutes. If air drying takes too long, however, a hair drier or forced air heater may be used to speed up the process.

Recommend starting point for settings

CO2: 90-100% Power (35 Watt Laser), 15-30% speed, 500 DPI / 500 PPI.  Fiber: 10-25 Watts, 10-20 Inches/Sec Speed.

Product Appearance

LMM-6060 is dark green colored, thick, pancake batter-like consistency.

Product Preparation

Insure that the product has been well mixed prior to use. Some settling may occur during long storage.  Material temperature should be equivalent to your room temperature prior to measuring viscosity or application.

Product storage

Product must be stored in cool and dry conditions. The storage temperatures should be between 40ºF (5ºC) and 95ºF (35ºC). Settling may occur if stored for long periods of time. Before use, products must be stirred thoroughly.  Partly used containers must be tightly sealed after use.  If stored as recommended, a minimum shelf life of six months after the production date is guaranteed.


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