Yeti Personalization

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Personalization of the Yeti has become the latest craze and the perfect opportunity to expand and grow your business.  So you are wondering who uses a Yeti?  Simple….EVERYONE! Companies are using them for awards to employees, gifts/incentives for customers, and as a means of marketing.  Of course, there are always those individuals that simply just want their ownpersonalized Yeti. One thing is definite, the Yeti works and offers endless personalized designs.  Whether an individual wants to engrave their name so no one else gets it OR universities that are wanting to make a lasting impression on prospective students, the personalized YETI does it all.

Materials needed:

– YETI stainless steel tumbler

– Cermark

– Rotary Attachment

– Universal Laser System

Follow these three simple steps to achieve a creative, one of a kind look to your personal drink cooler.

Step 1:  Apply an even coat of CerMark over the desired engraving area of the YETI Tumbler.  Open the artwork file, adjust to correct settings, and send to laser.

Step 2: Place the Yeti tumbler in the rotary.  Set the focus.  Press Play.  Watch as the laser begins and permanently marks the tumbler.

Step 3: Once the laser has completed the job rinse off the CerMark to reveal your personalized design.