Trotec Adds Blazer Orange Laser Mask to its Growing Materials Line

Trotec Adds Blazer Orange Laser Mask to its Growing Materials Line

Trotec Adds Blazer Orange Laser Mask to its Growing Materials Line

Laser manufacturer now offering laserable film used in conjunction with sandcarver.

Plymouth, Mich., July 15, 2020 – Trotec Laser, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has further expanded its portfolio of laserable materials with the addition of Blazer Orange laserable mask, which is now available in 25-foot rolls through the organization's Engraver's Network webshop.

Manufactured by IKONICS Imaging, Blazer Orange ia a laserable film that can be used in conjunction with sandcarving equipment. It works by creating a protective barrier for the materials that will be sandcarved, such as glass, stone, or metal. The material is placed in a laser, and a design is cut into the laser film, creating a stencil. From there, the design can be sandcarved while the laser film protects the rest of the material, leaving a beautifully detailed design.

Peter Norman, Director of Sales at IKONICS Imaging, explains that they designed Blazer Orange to improve upon their existing laserable film, and to give their customers additional capabilities that would allow them to meet a wider range of customer needs. Their new laser film is not as stretchy as their previous laser film, allowing for dimensional stability. It also peels off with ease, making readjustments and color filling simple.

"Our Speedy 300 laser engraver allowed us to perform thorough testing of new laser film prototypes so we could make sure that the new film would burn clean and be capable of creating high-resolution images," said Norman. "This testing eventually resulted in Blazer Orange -- our new laser film perfectly tailored to meet our customers' application needs,"said Norman.

Warren Knipple, President of Trotec Laser, Inc., says that Blazer Orange is the perfect addition to the company's line of materials, because it gives Trotec customers more capabilities that will allow them to add new products and increase product value to meet customer needs.

"We are heavily invested in supporting our laser user community," said Knipple. "And that means providing them with all the opportunities we can to help them thrive in a changing business environment.

"Our growing materials product line allows us to provide our customers with new opportunities to broaden product offerings, meet a wider range of application needs, and get the most out of a laser investment," Knipple added. "When we can empower our customers to grow business and increase profits, everyone wins."

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