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Helping Meet the Demand for PPE and Other Products for Fighting COVID-19

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Step by step instructions to create protective face shields to combat the spread of COVID-19

We are inspired by our customers who are actively seeking out ways to combat the spread of COVID-19 using their laser machines. As the world faces shortages in medical supplies, we must protect those on the front lines as much as possible. In this tutorial, we demonstrate how to laser process this protective face shield, so that laser users can contribute to the cause.

Learn more about our policies related to COVID-19

Download file: click here

Step 1: Process the Acrylic

Position a .25″ thick piece of acrylic into the laser machine and laser-cut the material using the file provided. Once processing is completed, remove the cut pieces from the remaining material.






Step 2: Assemble the Acrylic Pieces

Insert the smaller, square piece of material into the acrylic band, as shown in the video provided. Use glue to adhere the pieces together, and ensure that they are firmly connected.

Step 3: Process the PET Film

Position a sheet of polyester film (material needs to be in a range of 0.007” to 0.01” thickness) onto the vector grid. Select the facemask portion of the file, and laser-cut the film. Once processing is completed, separate the excess film, and remove the finished facemask from the vector grid.

Step 4: Assemble the Face Shield

To assemble, fasten the connectors on the acrylic band into the corresponding holes at the top of the film. Once completed, use a rubber band to keep the protective shield on the head.

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COVID-19 Statement

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At Engravers Network, a Trotec Company, we are committed to supporting our customers and community.  One of the most basic ways we can do this is to take precautions to help everyone stay healthy.  We are closely monitoring the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) at a global and local level for all business units.  The safety of our employees, clients and suppliers is our top priority, and we are following the guidelines of the World Heath Organization (WHO), the Centers of Disease Control (CDC) and state and local authorities.

We are committed to seamlessly providing you with the service and support you depend on, so we have established a business continuity plan to address various threats and vulnerabilities, including a response to the pandemic and high absenteeism.  Strategies for responding to a pandemic are embedded within our continuity plan and emergency response policies to protect our personnel and limit the spread of disease.  We also monitor the CDC and the WHO to ensure our response is following the guidelines.  With this in mind, it’s also important to note that the WHO and the CDC have advised that there is a minimal risk of transmitting the virus by handling shipments and packages delivered through the mail. 

Here is an overview of our policies and procedures related to COVID-19:

  • We have reviewed and re-socialized our enterprise-wide response plan.
  • Travel for internal meetings has stopped and we have eliminated all non-essential business travel.
  • We are following and enforcing local authority guidelines and recommendations.
  • We have issued guidelines to employees for workplace hygiene and sanitizing efforts for our sites to minimize the spread of the virus.
  • Employees who are sick or have come in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 have been instructed to stay home and seek medical guidance.
  • We are limiting our large-scale social interactions and events for the time being.  Please be sure to check our event calendar for changes to our scheduled events.

Most of our sales and services teams are working remotely and equipped with the tools to handle the majority of your needs virtually.  Where an onsite visit is essential, they will call ahead to adhere with your visitation policies and, specifically for service calls.

We believe that by taking these steps, as well as staying informed, we are well prepared to handle potential interferences that may prevent us from serving your needs.  Please check our website for updates on any additional contingency measures or actions plans in the future.  Feel free to reach out to us with any questions.


Warren Knipple
President, Trotec Laser, Inc.

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Laser Etching Versus Laser Engraving

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Laser Etching versus Laser Engraving

How can you make money with a laser? 

laser engraverBusiness owners often choose lasers over other technologies because of their broad system capabilities. Using the two most common laser types — CO2 and fiber — you can laser etch, engrave, cut, or mark almost anything.

CO2 lasers can cut and engrave the widest range of materials, such as plastics, wood, paper, fabric, acrylic, rubber and cardboard. The CO2 laser can also engrave on glass, ceramic, stone, and coated metals such as anodized aluminum or coated metals. It works by vaporizing the material, leaving an indentation or cut into the material. A fiber laser basically does what a CO2 laser cannot. The fiber laser is used for marking or engraving bare metals and marking plastics. Fiber lasers are optimally suited for metal marking methods such as annealing and metal engraving, and for making high-contrast markings on plastics.  Discover how lasers work

Learn how laser etching, engraving, and cutting differ and when to use them

laser etching differences

In addition to the broad range of materials that you can work with on a laser machine, there are a few different ways you can process materials:

Laser engraving works by vaporizing some of the base material with cone shape indentation. (Engraving depth capabilities depend on your specific laser.) Examples of materials well-suited for laser engraving include wood, leather, rubber, and acrylic, to name a few.

Etching or Marking
During the process of laser etching, the cover layer of your material is vaporized, producing little to no depth but usually high contrast marking. The process is like cutting, except only the top layer is vaporized. Laser etching works well on materials with two or more layers, coated metals, anodized aluminum and engravers plastics.

Laser cutting happens when you apply enough power at a low enough speed to completely vaporize material all the way through. If a material is flammable, in most cases it can be cut by a laser.

Fusing means adding a layer with ceramic powders onto the surface of metals, ceramics or glass, producing a fusing of the materials to add contrast. This process is accomplished using materials such as Thermark, Cermark or Laserbond.

Find a laser system that is right for you

From your Service and Support Team at Engraver’s Network

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engravers network team

From your Service and Support Team at Engraver’s Network
As we expand and improve the resources we offer our customers, we would like to assure you that we are still fully equipped and ready to provide ongoing service and support for Universal Laser Systems and Vision Engraving and Routing Systems. You will get the same exceptional service – including access to replacement parts, and technical support from the team you know and trust. 
We look forward to growing our business relationship into 2020 and beyond.
Robert and Susan Hensley



One laser engraving system, many possibilities

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One Laser System, Many Possibilities

Laser marking machines have quickly become a leading technology for companies of all sizes who need to mark parts or labels for quality or traceability. Suitable for a broad range of marking applications, laser marking is the ideal method for providing fast, durable, flexible, material-friendly, and biocompatible proccessing. Additionally, laser machines offer unbeatable time-saving benefits and new possibilities for many different applications.

High-speed laser marking of metals and plastics


Trotec Laser, Inc. Acquires Engravers Network

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Trotec Laser, Inc. Acquires Engravers Network
Laser Manufacturer Purchases Major Distributor of Laser Systems

Plymouth, Mich., Oct. 16, 2019 – Trotec Laser, Inc. announced today that the company has acquired the assets of major laser distributor Engravers Network. Effective immediately, the acquisition gives the laser manufacturer opportunities to extend its market reach and broaden the services and support for new and existing customers.

Trotec is a leading international provider of advanced, high-speed laser equipment for cutting, engraving and industrial marking. Established in the United States in 2002, the company

has grown to almost twenty times its original size during the past decade. Trotec offers a complete range of support—including industry-leading laser systems, an extensive line of laser and engraving materials, and expert support and resources. Businesses who use a Trotec have access to many resources that help them grow business, including an extensive library of online tutorials, guides and application files, expert technical and applications support, and educational workshops held at regional service and support centers located throughout the country.

Located in Arlington, Texas, Engravers Network is a major distributor of lasers and mechanical marking and engraving systems, and also provides accessories and supplies, training, technical support, and used laser and engraving equipment. Since the business was started in 1985, Engravers Network has demonstrated an unwavering focus and ongoing commitment to customer relationships by offering a broad range of solutions and support.

“We are thrilled about this partnership and the benefits it will provide to customers,” says Warren Knipple, President at Trotec Laser, Inc. “Engravers Network brings valuable experience and knowledge to the table that will broaden our resources so we can provide our customers with the highest quality products, and the best technical, operational, and applications support.”

Knipple says that Engravers Network and Trotec are a great match because the two companies share a common vision and approach: To help customers succeed and grow by offering a complete range of products, services and support. 

“Our mission at Trotec has always been to help our customers become more profitable,” Knipple explains. “Our approach includes offering a full spectrum of products, services and support to the laser user community. In the same manner, Engravers Network has spent more than three decades using this approach to build and support its community of laser users.”

Trotec plans to maintain the laser distributor’s physical locations in Arlington and Houston, Texas, where members of the Engravers Network staff, will continue to support existing and new customers.

“Joining forces with Trotec allows us to add new capabilities and resources that will enhance the service and support we provide to our customers,” says Robert Hensley, president and founder of Engravers Network. “We are looking forward to seeing how this will help grow businesses and create opportunities for our customers.”

About Trotec:
Trotec Laser is a leading international provider of advanced, high-speed laser equipment for cutting, engraving and industrial marking. With the broadest product line on the market, Trotec systems are used to cut, engrave or mark a wide range of materials including wood, paper, metal, acrylic, leather, stone, plastics, and more. The company’s extensive line of quality laser systems, coupled with its unmatched service and support offerings, have made Trotec one of the industry’s leading resources for computer controlled engraving equipment and marking systems. Trotec highly values innovation and R&D; in fact, over a decade ago Trotec developed the world’s first laser system that combines CO2 and fiber laser technology in one machine. All major equipment components and products are manufactured in the U.S. and Austria. Trotec machines are currently used in more than 90 countries around the globe. With 500 employees working in 17 international sales branches, Trotec offers customers an international service and sales network. Trotec’s U.S. presence is headquartered in Plymouth, Mich., with additional service and support centers in Anaheim and the San Francisco Bay area, Calif., Arlington, Texas, Atlanta, Ga, Hillsborough, N.J., Raleigh, N.C., Dade City, Fla., Phoenix, Ariz., and the Seattle area. For more information, please visit

Contact for further information:
Trish Steding
Tel.: 866-226-8505

Vision 10 Tool Paths Grouped With Objects

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In the Vision 10, tool paths are grouped with the objects they are put on which is not always desired.  To change this setting and have the tool paths separate, go to the top ribbon in the vision software, left click on Options, hover cursor over Vision Setup, left click on System Preferences.

Once inside System Preferences, left click on Tool Path Preferences at the top, uncheck Group tool paths with originals, and left click on Apply at the bottom.

By setting up the software this way, you can move the tool path, node edit tool path (which have to do to apply bridges), etc.

— Vision Engraving & Routing Systems, August 2019

Laser Marking with Trays

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laser marking with templates





How to use trays or templates to minimize handling requirements

Want to mark several parts in one operation to save time? Trays are very useful tools for that purpose. Depending on the batch size and required marking time, you can also use larger laser workstations. This allows you to mark more components in one operation and maximize output. Thus time-consuming handling through loading and removal is reduced. Here is a time comparison when using a SpeedMarker 700 and SpeedMarker 1300.

40% more productivity by using a SpeedMarker 1300 and large trays

Comparison: Laser marking a metal bracket with SpeedMarker 700 and SpeedMarker 1300

In our example, we engrave this metal bracket with a SpeedMarker 700 and a tray for 3 pieces. In comparison to that, we engrave 24 pieces in a SpeedMarker 1300 with a tray with the same laser parameters. Projected to 240 pieces, this results in a productivity increase of 16 minutes or 40%.

Time calculation SpeedMarker 700
Piece/workpiece carrier 3
Laser time/piece 5.25 seconds
Opening and closing time 4 seconds
Traverse axes 0 seconds
Loading and unloading/workpiece carrier 10 seconds
Time/workpiece carrier 29.75 seconds
Repetitions 80
Time/240 pieces 39 mins 40 seconds
Time calculation SpeedMarker 1300
Piece/workpiece carrier 24
Laser time/piece 5.25 seconds
Opening and closing time 4 seconds
Traverse axes 2 seconds
Loading and unloading/workpiece carrier 10 seconds
Time/workpiece carrier 142 seconds
Repetitions 10
Time/240 pieces 23 mins 40 seconds

Conclusion: By reducing time-consuming handling, you can increase productivity by 40%

The laser time, the opening and closing of the door in automatic mode and the loading and unloading of the workpiece carrier take the same amount of time with both laser machines. With the SpeedMarker 1300, the axes move to take advantage of the entire working space. This takes a total of 2 seconds per workpiece carrier. The deciding factor is the necessary repetitions. While the loading and unloading as well as the opening and closing of the door only takes place 10x with the SpeedMarker 1300, this process repeats a total of 80x on the SpeedMarker 700. Thus time-consuming handling can be significantly reduced by using a larger workstation with large trays.


Tip: Creating templates

Learn how to easily make the right template for your workpieces with a Speedy laser engraver.

Creating templates

BOFA International named BDO Mid-Market Company of the Year

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BOFA International named BDO Mid-Market Company of the Year.

We are delighted to announce that we have been named BDO Central South Mid-Market Company of the Year 2017.

The BDO event, hosted by BBC South Today’s Laura Trant, was attended by over 150 business leaders and stakeholders last night in Southampton. We were shortlisted alongside another two companies, Natures Way and Sydenhams, for meeting key criteria including strong sustained performances and our approach to new markets.

Over the last 12 months, BDO has identified the top performing mid-sized businesses in the areas of international activity and profit growth and BOFA was shortlisted from a list of over 40 companies.

Malcolm Thixton, lead partner at BDO Southampton, comments:
“BOFA performed exceptionally well against our key criteria of leadership and vision, driving innovation and approach to new markets, all leading to sustained growth with great prospects for the future. They have a very clear three year plan that has been written following sound collaboration and research and that includes investment in new technologies and a real focus on retaining and rewarding their people.”

After what has been a fantastic year for us here at BOFA, we are honored to be recognized as being one of the regions’ best performers in the key areas of international activity and profit growth. We are sure that 2018 will be just as successful, and we are looking forward to seeing what the future brings.

-BDO, United Kingdom




Vision Software Tips

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Vision: How to Back Up & Restore Jobs

As simple as it may seem backing up your jobs is one of the most important steps in the designing process. Whether you are creating a simple template or a complex job with multiple steps, having to recreate your work because of a failure to backup is often times very frustrating and ultimately costs time and money.

Key times to back files up are:

  • After designing any template that is meant to be reused in the future.
  • After doing major node editing work.
  • Anytime your work is not complete but you need to take a break or step away from your computer for a long period of time.

To back up your file click the file tab at the top of the Vision software screen and click “Save As”


Enter the file name and click “Save”. Tip – Enter the date and any other pertinent information like customer name or quote number so you can use your computer’s search feature to help find it in the future.


To back up your file click the file tab at the top of the Vision software screen and click “Open”.


Select the file you want to open and click “Open”.


-Vision Engraving & Routing Systems