Q: Since Engravers Network is now a Trotec Company, can I still have my Universal Laser System serviced? Can I still purchase ULS parts?

A: Yes and yes! Absolutely! We still have all of our service technicians that provide phone support and on-site service calls. If you are looking for parts or need a tube recharge you can visit our webshop or give us a call at 817-261-7256 (option 5)

Q: Does Engravers Network still sell used laser equipment?

A: Yes, Engravers Network offers great deal on used and demo unit equipment. You can visit our Used Laser page for the machines and models available.

Q: Does Engravers Network still offer a trade in credit for my Universal Laser System?

A: Yes! If you currently own a Universal Laser System and are interested in trading your machine in for a Trotec Laser, we have excellent trade-in offers. This offer ends October 2021.