CERMARK® ULTRA CerMark® ULTRA is specifically formulated to laser mark on all laser markable substrates such as metals, glass, ceramics and more using just one CerMark product. CerMark® ULTRA renews the tradition set by our LMM-6000 as the industry leader. With the introduction of the NEW patent pending CerMark ULTRA the standard of excellence continues. ULTRA was formulated as a genuine All-Marking product achieving the best results in the industry. Ferro is proud to introduce CerMark ULTRA, the only product required to do everything you need in laser bonding.

  • Specifically formulated to not stain or tarnish sensitive metals such as brass, copper, sterling silver, steel and others like other laser marking products can.
  • Marks created with CerMark ULTRA black laser marking aerosol are resistant to common strong acids, bases, organic solvents and extreme heat or cold.
  • ULTRA marks also exhibit good salt spray resistance, scratch resistance and weathering resistance based on QUV testing.
  • Once dry, ULTRA aerosol will not rub off on fingers while handling. This will allow immediate coating of parts with the ability to laser mark later when needed.

Industrial Laser Marking Applications

  • Barcoding
  • 2D data matrices
  • Product serialization
  • Direct part marking
  • Text labeling
  • Part traceability

Awards and Promotional Products

  • Custom marks on metals
  • Logos and decorative marking on metal