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Laser Cutters – SP Series

SP series laser cutting machines: Built for efficient production.  Designed to maximize production efficiency, the SP Series large format CO₂ laser cutting machines are ideal for businesses working with demanding large-format cutting applications in acrylic, paper, cardboard, plastics, wood, textiles and many more. 

Available in different workstations sizes with several power options, these laser cutters provide high-quality results at maximum speed.  CLICK HERE for product overview.


Benefits of the SP Series Laser Cutters

With generous working areas as large as 87 x 126 inches, SP Series laser cutters are ideal for standard-sized large format materials. The SP2000 and SP3000 also feature an ergonomic design with access to all four sides, allowing unrestricted unloading and loading even while the machine is cutting. In addition to easy access from all four sides, the SP2000 and SP3000 feature a 71-inch-wide loading area at the front and the rear of the machine, allowing for unrestricted unloading and loading also while laser cutting is in process. 

The setup will also drive productivity with laser cutting speeds up to 6.5 feet per second, and laser power up to 400 watts. Other productivity-boosting features include digital exhaust, which divides the working area into sections (two on the SP2000 and four on the SP3000) so that extraction can be activated independently on each section. There is no need for covering the working area manually. In addition, the SP2000 and SP3000 include and Tandem Assist, which allows the operator to use the entire work area, with no downtime. There are also options for seamlessly integrating the laser cutter into your workflow.  Learn More about the four-sided access.

All the right options for maximum cutting quality

Acrylic Cutting Grid Table for Laser Cutter

Trotec developed a unique, multifunctional table concept for the SP series laser cutting machines. You can quickly and easily select and replace the ideal table for every application. Additional functions for outstanding laser cutting quality include an exhaust system located directly at the work head, a sectioned exhaust system at the processing table, as well as the option for digitally regulating the compressed air.

Safe, reliable, low-cost maintenance.  The movement system, the drive design, the electronics and the processing head provide the highest quality and offer the best laser cutting performance. With Trotec InPack TechnologyTM, all sensitive laser cutting machine components, such as lenses, mirrors or motors, are protected against dust.SP Series laser cutting machines are classified as laser safety class 2, so no additional safety measures are necessary. The laser beam is covered over its complete path. An active laser deflector shield on the laser head completes the safety concept. The Trotec safety concept ensures optimum protection of the operator during the operation of the laser class 2 device, while the customized service packages guarantee 24/7 operation.  Learn More about the Trotec safety concept.

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