Top 10 Service Tips

Universal Laser Top 10 Service Tips

  1. Check optics (mirrors & lens) for scratches, discoloration and excessive wear.
  2. Clean X & Y Axis rails with soap and water. (recommended weekly)
  3. Check condition of X & Y Axis bearings and belts. (X-Axis is recommended to be replaced every year, Y-Axis, 2-3 years)
  4. Empty Cutting Table of material. (Recommend this monthly)
  5. Clean exhaust flume and exhaust duct work.
  6. Clean and lubricate Z-axis turn screws. (Recommended every six months)
  7. Remove any materials and clean under aluminum table.
  8. Check squareness of X-Axis Arm. (Refer to service manual)
  9. Clean fan filters. (Recommended monthly)
  10. Review for updates.

Additional Service Tips:

  • Check calibration of table and optics.
  • Check beam alignment.
  • Have wattage output tested.
  • Check ruler alignment.
  • Purge unwanted files from UCP.
  • Check levelness of system.

Each of the items listed above will improve quality, increase productivity, increase life of system and minimize down time. Download excel spreadsheet to simplify maintaining and service logs.